The State of Michigan is proud to be one of the states awarded funding to test the Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer for Children (SEBTC) program, or Summer EBT for Children.  The purpose of the program is to help families feed their children well-balanced and nutritious breakfasts and lunches during the summer months when school meals are not readily available.  The SEBTC program uses a Bridge Card for electronic benefit transfer (EBT) similar to the WIC system.


This website provides all the information families and grocery vendors need to successfully use the SEBTC program.  Be sure to check out the important and useful resources on the For Families or For Grocery Vendors pages.

Keep in mind that Summer EBT for Children is being tested.  Success this summer could mean continuation of the program in the future.  (Unfortunately, no new families can be enrolled this summer.)

Thank You!

NOTE if your family also receives WIC benefits you still need to keep your WIC appointments during the SEBTC program period.

Children were selected to receive either a $30 Food Package or $60 Food Package as their monthly SEBTC benefit.